For our swim workouts we use the olympic 50m-Pool at Oasis Papagayo Sport & Family.


In case you prefer the shorter lanes, you can swim in our 25m Pool also - both are heated and equipped with Wave-Killer Lanes.

The larger Pool additionally offers the comfort of swimmers' typical equipment, like our swim clocks, start blocks and much more.

Well reputed coaches are guiding through the swim workouts:

Successful triathletes Viktor Vorusko (member of nt. team Litavia), Olaf Sabatschus (multiple Ironman Champion) and Benjamin Thiesmeier, physiotherapiest and comfy on all triathlon distances are guarantees for a valuable and interesting swim training.

For all interested including hotel guests we offer diverse swim classes with coach Ana Terosa, from mother-child course to adults or best-ager over 60. 

Of course you can come for a try-out workout - if you have any questions about this or in general (our pool is available without team membership too) please use our contact form!

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Next Team Workouts for All

  • (08:30hrs)
    Bike ~ 60km easy
    Location: Oasis Papagayo
    normally every Saturday
  • (13:30hrs)
    Swim ~ 2.5km 
    Location: Oasis Papagayo
    normally every Wednesday

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